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It’s always handy to know how I made my decisions on where to buy MMS, as this will help you also judge if you have the same needs and if my choice would also help you in your search for a good supplier, after all there are 100’s of sources out there – its a mine field!   – SO, here are my main criteria:

  • Need to be from a hygenic well run company with proper quality control – NOT from some grubby kitchen!
  • Need to be in stock and ready to ship straight away – Don’t wanna be waiting around for a batch to be made.
  • Need to be able to post anywhere in the world, including UK, and also understand how to label stuff up in order to ensure the goods get through our customs without issues.
  • Need to have a good history on the Internet, i.e. No negative posts or otherwise
  • Need to be competitively priced

Well, the company I chose to buy the miracle mineral from meets all of the above, but also has the great bonus of being approved to make drugs for the Pharmaceuticals by the FDA – So this tells me they are absolutely legitimate and would pass the highest of tests I could possibly conceive of.

Do you want to know how I purchased mine for FREE?

Fairly simple really – if you can find a good company whose products are the best around and you can buy them at a good price, then its dead easy to sell on Ebay, or to others at a small profit!

I purchased just 6 MMS kits, I kept two for myslef and sold on the remaining 4 kits. This paid for all of my costs, including postage, so I actually got my MMS for free.

It was so easy to sell on Ebay, simply:

  • Look at what MMS prices are on ebay, and price yours similarly
  • Ensure you are comparing like for like as these Kits are the large ones!
  • In the advert you place state where your kits are from, as they are known to be the best and will therefore easily sell

I am again running low and will soon be placing an order for the next 6 – I will certainly hope to get them for free, or make a small profit once again – and good luck to anyone else that does the same!

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Where to buy MMS

One of the real problems I had when I first discovered the Miracle Mineral Supplement, was where to buy MMS. I spent countless days researching it and almost even decided to make the stuff. At least I thought that if I made it I could guarantee it was made exactly right and I had used hygenic processes since I was in full control. After all, I wanted to ensure that what goes in to my body was actually made to the same specification as Jim Humble has specified.

I eventually came to the conclusion that making the MMS was not really a viable option since the ingredient was next to impossible to source. I am based in the UK and it seems that prices here for MMS are just rediculous.  Also, I would have to purchase and store safely the chemicals required and it would just be too much mess and hassle.

So, I then spent even more time looking for a good supplier to buy miracle mineral directly from that would be cost effective, but even more importantly, reputable and established, as I really didn’t want to cut corners when it comes to ingesting any old stuff people sell all over ebay!

I eventually sourced my MMS from one of the most respected companies around and I couldn’t have been happier with the service and product supplied. Well, I have a few niggles which I will follow up with on the next post!

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